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Trademark & Intellectual Property

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Our firm assists clients to identify, defend, and exploit their intangible assets. We manage all aspects of trademark selection, clearance, prosecution, registration, and protection in the United States. We negotiate and prepare intellectual property licenses, independent contractor and employee contracts and confidentiality, non-disclosure, and non-competition agreements. In addition, we counsel clients on trade dress, product configuration, trade secret and copyright protection, as well as domain name strategies and dispute resolution.


Our intellectual property law and corporate law attorneys can help you with a variety of matters including:

  • Trademark identification and proper use of trademarks, trade names, and clearance 

  • Trademark registrations and responses to office actions 

  • Trademark issues in mergers and acquisitions

  • Oppositions and cancellations before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board 

  • Trademark licenses, assignments, co-existence, co-branding, and similar agreements

  • IP ownership and transfer rights in business purchase, sale, and merger agreements

  • IP ownership and licensing in employment and consulting agreements 

  • Trade secret protection with confidentiality, non-disclosure, and non-competition agreements

  • Copyright licenses and assignments

  • Copyright use and ownership issues

  • Identification and protection of copyrightable material 

  • Software development, license, and distribution agreements

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