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Real Estate & Development

Residential District
Contract Review

We have the experience and knowledge to advise clients including real estate developers, contractors, investors, owners, lessees, agribusinesses, and lenders on a broad range of real estate and development matters.   


Our real estate practice includes:


  • Purchases and sales of commercial, development, investment, agricultural, residential and other types of real property

  • Due diligence including title, survey, environmental, inspection, and other matters

  • Commercial property and residential lease agreements

  • Advice regarding parties rights and responsibilities under leases

  • Amendments and response to breach of agreements

  • Declarations and organization of owners’ associations

  • Real estate entitlement, zoning, planning, and development  

  • Representation of owners and project managers during vertical real estate development

  • Tax planning and financing for development and investment

  • Mineral rights and leasing

  • Formation and funding of entities to protect real property

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