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Alcohol Regulation & Distribution

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Few industries are more heavily regulated than the alcoholic beverage industry, which presents a maze of local, state, and federal licensing and compliance issues for alcoholic beverage businesses. We provide clients with the expertise and experience to effectively and efficiently navigate the regulatory maze in the manufacture, distribution, sale, transportation, labeling and advertising of alcoholic beverages at the state and the national level.


We combine broad corporate and transactional law experience with our alcohol beverage regulatory knowledge. At the local level, we work to identify and resolve legal, regulatory and zoning issues. We understand issues of concern to the industry and work with a wide range of licensed beverage manufacturers and wholesale distributors clients.


Our experience extends to:

  • Business formation 

  • Federal and state licensing and permitting 

  • Consulting on labeling, formulation, advertising, and marketing  

  • Financing

  • General business and corporate counseling

  • Compliance issues

  • Distribution agreements

  • License agreements

  • Contract brewing and custom crush arrangements 

  • Alternating proprietorships

  • Regulatory investigations

  • Land-use and zoning issues

  • Federal and state excise taxes and special occupation taxes and licenses

  • Administrative or enforcement actions

  • Obtaining all other business licenses and permits at the local and national level

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